Unboxing Time Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition

Hello Gamers! Fans of Bandai Namco and JRPG! On February 28 2014 Bandai Namco released not 1, but 2 games! Both games almost the same in title, however the games certainly are not. Tales of Symphonia and its sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, both brought together in one mighty collection. Therefore it’s only fitting to have the Collector’s Edition to make it complete. Thus we can present you: Unboxing Time Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition.

Unboxing Time Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition

At first glance the box doesn’t make a big impression, as it’s small in size. However, don’t judge too quickly, because this small box has multiple aces up it’s sleeve! Without delay lets open it shall we?

Upon sliding the plastic layer off, the contents become visible fairly quickly. Starting with the game cassette, conveniently both games are on the same disc. Which we think is super handy as it saved us multiple walks to and from the PS3. This allows you to select which game you want to play in the main menu. Both games, remastered to High Definition, which makes everything crisp and colourful. Additionally all the additional content already features in the games. Which means no more extra DLC’s or in-game purchases, and that, is what we think is a huge plus. So many companies thrive on selling that extra content, we are glad that this game is excluded from that.

Unboxing Time Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition

Included in the game cassette are the user manual and the original soundtrack. In the shape of not 1, but 2 discs! The best part? disc 1 consists of a stunning 50 tracks, disc 2 has 44 tracks. 99 tracks, composed by Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura and Takeshi Arai. Motoi Sakuraba is basically the main composer for all the Tales Series. So if you have any other soundtracks from the Tales Series, you now know that Motoi is the composer.

Unboxing Time Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition

Further along in the collector’s box is a novel of a never revealed story, written in English and not Japanese luckily. Although we know of a case where the novel or comic, written in French and the game is in English. The book we haven’t read yet, but who knows, it might happen in the nearby future.

Unboxing Time Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition

From left: Emil, Lloyd, Marta, Tenebrae and Colette

Finally, in a small box are 4 figures from Chibi Kyun Chara, all of them 2.5 inch in height and one cat. The fun thing with these small figures is that you can assemble them, like little artworks. However we both appreciate a big figurine, even if it’s just 1, more. Sadly Bandai Namco is following a trend to only produce small figures. The latest and upcoming game, Tales of Berseria, also includes 2 figures in the same style. Sad, but probably strategic as the box of contents will be smaller and thus not only cheaper to produce but in shipment as well.

The conclusion of Unboxing Time Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition

All in all the game itself brings more than enough to entertain any gamer for at least 100 hours of gaming. The rest is icing on the icing on the cake, like as we said before, this box has multiple aces if not a straight flush up it’s sleeve. The only remark that we have is the difference between the EU version and the US version. The US version (as usual) has a lot more goodies inside the box. Kinda unfair as the price for the EU version was higher as well. Thus we hope that Bandai Namco will start making equal versions for all regions.

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