The Ultimate Revelation Of The Harry Potter Exhibition

Merlin’s Beard! Potter-heads and fans, there is an exhibition going on right now in The Netherlands. For the enthusiasts a true recommendation to pay a visit. Of course the two of us are fans of the books & movies. So, naturally we both had to go to the ultimate revelation of the Harry Potter Exhibition.

The Ultimate Revelation Of The Harry Potter Exhibition

Before you all get excited, there are couple of things you have to keep in mind. First of all is the duration of the exhibition, which is until June 30th. Secondly there are the tickets, each and every ticket has an entry time slot. Every time slot has an interval of 30 minutes, in order to reduce the amount of people going in at once. However once you are inside, you are free to stay inside as long as you like.


Another thing you might want to look into is the ticket price. There are multiple kinds of tickets available:

  • Adult: €20,-
  • Collector Ticket – Adult: €20,-
  • Kids (4-14 years): €20,-
  • Kids (4-14 years) – Collector Ticket: €16,-
  • Family (valid for 4 people) – Collector Ticket: €61,50
  • (CJP or 65+) – Collector Ticket: €18,50

As you can see above some planning could save you some money. Since you most likely are a Potter-fan, souvenirs are for sale after the exhibition. That’s right! You can have your own wand or time-turner and so much more! However bear in mind that the souvenirs can be pretty steep for some.


Now for the journey to those who so desire to travel by (flying) car  😀 All they have to do is navigate to Cinemec Utrecht.

For those who wish to come by the “Hogwarts Express” or the “Knight Bus“, you’ll see there are plenty of ways to get to across the Marauders Map towards the exhibition.

At the exhibition:

Once gained access, you can pick up your audio guide (if you have reserved one, if not you can still rent one). Next, a crew member will ask if he can take a picture if you so desire to store a memory. At the end of the tour it’s ready for pickup. Along with a touch of magic it looks like you got the Hogwarts letter yourself, as you pose in front of the castle.

On a side note, and the crew will remind you as well that you as a visitor can make pictures, however only without flash. Which means that you better bring a camera which can perform well in darkened areas. Also, eating and drinking inside the exhibition is a big no-no. Afterwards there is a small cafe with some basic things to eat.

This exhibition is a good start before you go to a bigger place like its studio. Yes, we have the plan to go to the Harry Potter Studio in England. Is anybody been there? Why not share your experiences with us in the comment below?  🙂

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