The Many Side Activities In Watch Dogs 2

Hey Hey Gamers! Those of you who who played the game might know them already. Especially the tricky ones. What are we talking about, you might ask? Of course we are talking about the many side activities in Watch Dogs 2. In this post we would like to tell you more about them. So enjoy and who knows in case you haven’t bought the game yet, this post could become another reason to buy the game. Want to know more? check  here

The Many Side Activities In Watch Dogs 2

First of all, lets start with the E-Kart races, each race becomes just a bit more difficult. The first race you can’t miss. Playing the main story will make it automatically pop-up. There are also some Side Operations to upgrade the Kart. However that doesn’t make it easier to control, so our first tip: get familiar with the Kart before racing. Second tip: It’s makes racing a lot easier if you unlocked the skill Engine Override, enabling a necessary turbo boost to defeat your opponents. For this reason it’s wise to have enough Botnets, which will translate in many turbo boosts.

The Many Side Activities In Watch Dogs 2


Motor-races located throughout the whole map, varying in difficulty. Therefore it’s wise to start easy and like the E-Kart-Races, the turbo boosts will determine whether you get gold or not. However there is one race with a quad-bike, which is particularly difficult to control. It will require you to be on your best. On top of that, have at least 10 Botnets, otherwise you might run short. Funny enough there are some Medium and Hard difficulty missions that are not that difficult.


Finally got enough money? Then purchase your very own sailboat, in the color of your liking. After that, hit the water and you earn your sea-legs in no time, Argh! Practise a bit before participating in races. You’ll see it’s fairly easy to learn, however no tricks can help you here, keep that in mind.

The Many Side Activities In Watch Dogs 2


Ever wanted to experience a drone race? Finally you can! In First Person View, a huge amount of tracks are set up for you to fly through. Neon lights, hoops, loops, turns and obstacles are between you and your golden medal. Importantly to realize is that here once again the difficulty is high and once again the turbo boost might become of use. However due to the many turns and ups and downs, using it wisely is key!


Everyone knows Uber, where regular people become a taxi driver. In Watch Dogs 2 you can do the same and experience the many types of costumers. Each costumer has different wishes, for example, to go as fast as possible to the destination. Or drive as careful as possible. Whatever customer you pick, just make sure you get a 5 star rating, for the highest reward.

To Conclude:

As you can see, there is plenty to see and to do in the many side activities in Watch Dogs 2. Enough to keep you busy and remember some are required in order to unlock trophies and achievements.

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