The Magical View of the Loch Linnhe

Hello Travelers! . Straight to the point and we want an honest answer. Have you ever been to a place, and only after you woke up, you realized just what a stunning area surrounds you? Well, it happened to us! After arriving way beyond our expected time at the lodge, we found our key on the front desk. There was a lovely note as well to make ourselves comfortable and have a good night sleep. Our second day continued with: The Magical View of the Loch Linnhe, Scotland. 

The Magical View of the Loch Linnhe

Loch Linnhe

Waking up after a blissful sleep, in fact just one glance outside the window was enough to erase the ache of the long drive from last night. All in all, it made it worth the drive and for some reasons we wished we could stay and marvel to the b-e-a-utifull mountains and the Loche Linnhe. Surprisingly some mountains still had snow on their tops.

Snap A View as Passenger

The Magical View of the Loch Linnhe

Where does it lead to?

However, to all good things comes and end. Something which Ruben would soon find out as we drove to our first place of interest. Namely, the Jacobite Steam Train, also known as The Hogwarts Express. Upon arrival Ruben decided to get near the train to make some nice pictures, rather than pictures from far away. Gaining access to the platform was easy and is free of charge, along the way towards the locomotive is also a gift shop located. Naturally, had to buy something, and then moment supreme: Up and close with the locomotive.

The Magical View of the Loch Linnhe

Only as if a dark magician cast a nasty spell on Ruben’s mobile it prevented him from taking pictures. Stuck in a loop of jamming and reboot’s, Ruben gave up and returned to the car. There, in the possession of another phone, a long distant shot would suffice for now, as the train would depart soon. Who knows, someday we might get a ride or two?!  🙂

More Magical View


The Magical View of the Loch Linnhe

Straight from the station we didn’t had any other place set, as we want to prevent something like the day before. So, towards the next hotel it was. The drive was smooth, and let us tell you from own experience if you drive up to this place, it does something to you. A certain thrill, excitement and wonder as you see Dalhousie Castle Hotel emerge from between the trees. That’s right, we stayed a night in a castle, as it was Dilla’s birthday. For that special occasion Ruben booked a Themed Fourposter bedroom, within the castle. Word of advice, if you want to do something romantic, unique or very special, then try this out for a change. You will get a high bonus point  😛 .

The Magical View of the Loch Linnhe

After checking in, and bringing the luggage up to our room, we both felt hungry. After a refreshment we then drove to KFC for a take away. Back at the castle our tummies stuffed it was time to explore the area of Edinburgh, or more precisely get souvenirs. To be exact the Edinburgh Hard Rock Cafe, was not in the Old Town. After getting our usual souvenirs we then slowly walked back to the car and drove back towards the castle. Even during the night it looks stunning, so in case you want make a nice picture, better bring a good camera and perhaps a tripod. Then it was time for bed as the next day’s first thing to was exploring Old Town.

Time to Relax and Giggle!


After this day’s happenings Ruben’s phone got the nickname “Bob Marley” as it was jamming so much 😆 . Remember to follow us on Facebook and here is the full album to see more stunning pictures of our journey.

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Till next time! Respect, Love & Peace  🙂

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