The Birthday Journey Through Time Continues

Hello Fellow travelers and enthusiasts! As you might have read in our previous post, you noticed we did some time traveling. Well, the journey is not over yet and even better the upcoming place is once again fairy-tale worthy. So strap yourselves in and enjoy how the birthday journey through time continues.

The Birthday Journey Through Time Continues

First off we checked out from the castle hotel and afterwards made one more walk around the place. As a bonus we saw a couple and a falconer, holding a huge owl. However just looking it up and close was enough for us as for a moment we thought it would fly to us. After making our last pictures here, it was time to move on. But first off we had to finish our business in Edinburgh.

This time we drove towards the Old Town and our navigation app directed us to a nice central located garage. Just bear in mind fellow travelers, the city right now is under major construction and renovation. So, some buildings might not look appealing and some roads might be blocked off. However all in all we still had quite a good time there.

The Birthday Journey Through Time Continues

Firstly we walked to the main street, easy to find, can’t miss it. From there it’s a nice walk straight towards Castle Edinburgh. We decided not to go in there as we had our minds set to other things first.

One of them was get a nice scarf from one of the souvenir stores. We found a nice store near the castle as they advertised with being the best souvenir store in town. Little did we know once we stepped inside that it wasn’t just 1 store, but a whole collection of stores including something you could call a museum. In it was shown how plaids and scarfs are made. After we made our selection of souvenirs including a nice scarf for Dilla we made our way to our next stop, lunch.

The Birthday Journey Through Time Continues

Our tummies filled, energy replenished and navigation set to our next destination, it was time to leave Edinburgh and Scotland behind. Next up was go back south, back towards Newcastle Upon Tyne, because the next day our holiday was at an end. Sad but true, however it’s not over yet, in our opinion the best was yet to come. Driving to our next “hotel” was real thrill, can you guess? Yes! Yet another castle, but in our opinion the best of the two and the one that takes the crown.

After checking in, a bellboy or in our case, an elder man, who was already panting from bringing a previous guest to their room. Ruben offered to carry the heaviest bag and spare the man some work. Turns out was a good thing to do as the walk through the castle and the halls was much bigger and longer than expected. However once we reached the door of our room, the excitement and anticipation were both sky high. The ambiance of the interior, the way the staff was dressed, it gave the impression time stood still at this place.

Best Birthday Treat Continues

After opening our bedroom door, both of us stunned once again, we realized time might seem to stand still, but it didn’t. We wanted to go back to the place where we went first time, to have our lunch. Turns our the place was bigger than we had first thought it was, Intu MetroCentre it’s called, one big shopping centre. Therefore we decided our next day plan was to explore every nook and cranny in here.

The Birthday Journey Through Time Continues

The drive back to the castle was swift as we already gotten used to the route. The walk through the castle was easier after some delay looking at old jewelries which were for sale 😎 . If the castle wasn’t impressive enough already it’s these little details that give it the final push. We had to give ourselves the final push as well to reach our room. Tomorrow would be our last day of this birthday journey.

The next day it was D-Day, time to go Back to the Future, as our time traveling journey through England and Scotland has finished. But before we got on the boat, we head to the MetroCentre where we made a little bit more shopping. Satisfying nonetheless, it was surprising how much there is available over there. It’s a shame that in The Netherlands there aren’t any shopping malls of that size available. So, the only logical solution is to go to England once again if we want to.

Every Journey Has Its End

After had a delicious lunch at Nando’s it was time to head to the harbour and check-in for our homeward departure. On the ship it was the same old song…. Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy…. Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity and so on and on, as we lost ourselves on the waves of the North Sea.

See you all next time for our next holiday. Spoiler alert! Things are gonna get HOT!

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