Sony PlayStation New Consoles Comparison

Hello Gamers! As most of you guys know, Sony will release quite a lot of stuff this year. Not only PlayStation VR, but also PlayStation 4 gets 2 new brothers, namely PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. Sony also confirmed that ALL PS4 will get an HDR update. Therefore we would like to dedicate this post for Sony PlayStation New Consoles Comparison.

First of all there is the (old) PS4, already available in many variations, 500GB or 1TB, the 1000, 1100 or the 1200 series. In general the difference in series is already a subtle change not only on the outside but also under the hood. For example, there were reports that the 1000 series have problems of overheating and the fan making a lot of noise. The 1100 series was released 10 months after the launch model and already a lot of changes has been made. It was more quiet and consumed less energy than it’s predecessor.

Finally there is the 1200 series, which at the same time also introduced the 1TB hard disk. This version indeed has been the most energy efficient and quietest of them. The outside got a matte finish, surprisingly a simple but elegant look. Which at the same time is less prone for fingerprints or other visible filth.

So, those were the old versions and now the PS4 Slim which already hit the shelves. Now this version is nearly the same has the same internals the existing model. However it’s size is smaller and thinner. Then again, the first reviews have come in already and the verdict is clear. The removal of the optical audio has been the biggest turn off and the performance is basically the same. Hence, we recommend for you to wait for the PS4 Pro if you are looking for an upgrade.

Lastly the PS4 Pro, also known as PS4 Neo, the powerhouse of PlayStation. PS4 Pro offers a variety of upgrades. Smoother gameplay, HDR 10 support, increase in resolution, and most importantly 4K content. However a 4K-compatible TV is required for this. We will know more about this racehorse after its release.

Sony PlayStation New Consoles Comparison

So there you have it, Sony PlayStation New Consoles Comparison. We look forward for the PS4 Pro, since we most likely will get it later this year when we turn in our current PS4. Be on the lookout for exchange offers, where in exchange for your current PS4 you get discount on the PS4 Pro. We found one place, that is at GameMania (bear in mind this page is in Dutch).

Hopefully this post will benefit all of you who are looking for a new better game console. Till next time, happy gaming!

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