Introduction to Invisible Inc Console Edition

Hello Gamers! Admit it, everyone came at one point in their life wishing they could be a spy. Especially the sneaking and the gadgets that come along with it. Hence this introduction to Invisible Inc Console Edition, where you wishes and more come true.

Introduction to Invisible Inc Console Edition

The game starts simple, a quick introduction but then you have to figure it out yourself. This turn based game might turn out to be quite a pickle. Starting of with agent Decker, who has to escape from a building after a night of drinking. Here you learn the basics and upon extraction your agency is attacked and nearly wiped out. Luckily your team leader can escape and board the helicopter.

Henceforth the search for the culprit starts. However only a short amount of time is available (depending on how you set the difficulty) to solve this matter. As the back-up system only works for a limited time. Multiple companies are on the infiltration list, so you got a lot of work ahead of you.

Equally important is that Decker and the team leader are luckily not alone in this. More agents will join your cause, each with their own set of skills and specialties. However the game has one unique feature, which makes it stand out from a lot of other games. Each level and each game is different from another. This makes it even more difficult for our agents to accomplish their goals.

Introduction to Invisible Inc Console Edition

In other words, looking for help on YouTube or searching for walkthroughs on the internet won’t help you much either. Since every game is build up randomly, every level is a challenge. It’s like going back in time, where internet or game guides didn’t exist yet. However it does look stylish, similar to modern cartoons.

For now we hope to have peaked your interest, if so then hurry to the PlayStation Store, as it’s for FREE now. The only requirement is to be a PlayStation Plus member. Better hurry though, because before you know it the new monthly games have arrived already.

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