In The Footsteps of Your Favorite Childhood Movie

Hello Everyone! We had enough time to rest and telling ourselves that the travel is over, for now  😎 .  So, we would like to share our journey back in April where it was for a birthday treat. We named the first day as; In The Footsteps of Your Favorite Childhood Movie. Actually, the plan came a bit late because we kept changing the destination.

In The Footsteps of Your Favorite Childhood Movie

Leaving the country by sea.

We settled the discussion and agreed to both Scotland and England. While we were at it as it was a birthday, Ruben decided to make this trip a bit more special. First off, our trip would take us south to visit a location from a movie, named: The Secret Garden. A very specific movie as it’s one of Dilla’s favorite movies since she was young.

The Stunning Allerton Castle


In The Footsteps of Your Favorite Childhood Movie

So upon our arrival in Newcastle Upon Tyne we drove south to York, hoping that we would be able to get close to our destination as the first location was Allerton Castle. Sadly we soon discovered that the castle was closed for tours. But, having come this close we couldn’t just turn around and leave. So we drove a little bit further in a parking lot and started making pictures like tourists hehehe. Our victory was short-lived as one of the caretakers approached us and kindly asked us to leave. Funny enough he was intrigued as to how we heard of this castle, but upon hearing the title of the movie it didn’t ring any bells. Maybe that is because there are too many filming at the castle.

The Journey Continues


In The Footsteps of Your Favorite Childhood Movie

After that we went to one more location from the same movie. This time it was Fountains Abbey. Here we wondered around for quite some time, enjoy and relax as the weather delightful. However, it turned out to be quite a challenge to find the place where the scene was. Nonetheless we enjoyed ourselves, made some very nice pictures and even had some ice-cream.

In The Footsteps of Your Favorite Childhood Movie

“The backyard to The Secret Garden”

Upon decided to leave the tremendous area we saw one more road going downhill. Not knowing for sure we went for it and luck was on our side! We found the backyard scene from the movie. It was a joyful moment  😀 .

Driving Northbound we decided to eat at a restaurant that we haven’t eaten since a long time, namely KFC at intu MetroCentre. Having arrived at our location finding the restaurant was rather swift, both of us were hungry. So, we ate as we marveled at the size of this gigantic shopping centre. We instantly decided that if we were back in the area we would be coming back, whether our wallets liked it or not. After we had our meal we set our course to Fort William, Scotland.

The drive took quite long, much longer than expected. Slowly the sun set and light started to fade and still we weren’t at our destination. It was a pity that it was pitch black at some spots as we knew there definitely would be lovely views. However lack of light, rain and wind prevented taking pictures. On top of that, the road was curvy next to a loch (lake), making the ride quite tricky at some parts, luckily our navigation app reminded us of EVERY “dangerous” turn by saying: BEWARE! and WATCH YOUR SPEED!

And The Steps Got Slow…


Around 23:30 we finally arrived at our hotel, a humble place but with a lovely view. After such a great drive, we need a long sleep. It didn’t take 5 minutes to drift asleep. We had this feeling that the next morning we will see a stunning view right from our room. Find out next time when our journey continued!  🙂

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