How to Stay Updated For Upcoming Games

Hey Hey Gamers! Of course as gamers, we all know the feeling of a new game announcement. However staying updated might proof trickier than expected. Lucky for you we give you this post where we give tips on: How to Stay Updated For Upcoming Games.

Information, directly at the source:

First of all, the best source of information is on the website from the game’s developer. Here you can see all the trailers, screenshots and in some cases the upcoming retail game versions. Which of course include the Collector’s Editions. Something we really like to stay updated for, because some developers only have a very limited amount of copies. Therefore we recommend you do the same if something interests you. For example a certain Collector’s Edition. Some examples where we experienced this are: Ni No Kuni & the more recently Tales of Berseria.

How to Stay Updated For Upcoming Games Second option on how to Stay Updated For Upcoming Games: Game Events & Conferences:

Believe it or not Game Events & Conferences offer a great source of information, on top of that, you might get treated with something totally unexpected. Whether it’s pre-release gameplay, trailers or a sudden announcement of “new game”, which is of course the game that you most likely already read into. We experienced quite a lot of cool stuff during our visit to Gamescom last year.

How to Stay Updated For Upcoming Games

Third option, Social Media:

Yep, often through social media, game developers share their latest, often willingly. However sometimes footage is “leaked”. Afterwards everyone is in either shock or awe, but in the meantime everyone wins! The public gets their info and the developer gets more visits or hits on their website. As an example the in-game mission from Watch Dogs 2: Ubistolen comes to mind. In this case the hacker: Marcus hacks into Ubisoft and manages to upload footage to the public. (very smart from Ubisoft to leak advertise this way)

How to Stay Updated For Upcoming Games

In conclusion:

As you can see, there are a good couple of ways available to stay informed on any new developments from game developers. We hope that you picked up some tips on How to Stay Updated For Upcoming Games and if you happen to have some suggestions yourself, simply comment below.

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