How Do We Relax While Traveling As Gamers

Hello Gamers and Travelers! One of the most important things during travel is relaxing! However there are more ways than one to do so. For example some prefer to sleep as much as possible, others watch movies and finally there are those who like to game. Therefore we share this post of How Do We Relax While Traveling As Gamers.

Indeed, when we are not sleeping or watching something, we are gaming! And what’s more handier than having a powerful handheld gaming device? Which by the way is capable of having nearly the same qualities as a PS3.

We are of course talking about the PS Vita. This little but powerful device has some nice tricks up it’s sleeves. As it for example can connect to our PS3 or PS4 if we wish to do so. However this does mean that we have to leave both machines standby and ready to be turned on from distance. And then just like that, we can play PS4 and PS3 from abroad (remember, strong internet connection is a must)

How Do We Relax While Traveling As Gamers.

Another nice feature is PS Plus, this brings more than just monthly free games, but also automatically synchronizes your save games.

Sadly there is a downward trend happening with the PS Vita, in the US and Europe it’s losing popularity. While in Asia and especially Japan the Vita is still going strong. And here are a couple of those strong games that will keep you busy for hours upon hours.


Having played most of these games, we can say without a doubt, that if you like the genre, they will certainly entertain you. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel & Ys: Memories of Celceta are two strong JRPG’s. Assassin’s Creed III Liberation is extra fun to play if you first make a connection with PS3 and Assassin’s Creed III. Doing this will unlock not only an extra mission, but also some extra equipment. Child of Light, well all we can say is that you can begin reading your journey here, simply a must have in the collection.


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