About Us

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to Gamers Who Travel! Thanks for stopping by, here is a little something about us.

About Us

First thing first, let us introduce ourselves. I’m Ruben, from The Netherlands and the other “I’m” is Dilla from Malaysia. We both share these two common things: games and travels. Yes, yes, that’s right, we are happily married couple with ps3ps4, & psvita  😉

As a mixed couple, we are on the mission of promoting Respect, Love & Peace through traveling and gaming. Our faith is high that we can achieve this goal together with all of you.

Looking back down on the travel’s memory lane, Ruben went to France as the first country and Dilla went around in her own country. The journey became far and often as the time flies by.
As for gaming, Ruben started with PC games: Prince of Persia and Dilla started to play with NES games on TV. We would like to promote that it is important to stay healthy in the gaming world –you all need a break to be able to play more– It does make sense, isn’t it?  😎

All of the experiences, coincidentally happened when we were young at different time and places.

Currently, the Netherlands @ Oranje country is where we live. So, we wish we could share as much information as needed about this beautiful country. Remember to check them out!

We are so excited to share our experiences of TRAVELS and GAMING. You can find our posts about travels and games regularly on the homepage. Besides, you will also get tips and gadgets that we use for these two activities.

That’s all for now, big hope that our experiences can inspire all of you to join us on this amazing journey! Enjoy our page and feel free to exchange thoughts!


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