Games Unboxing

Hey Hey Fellow Gamers! Thank you for stopping by and we would be delighted if you stay longer. Why you might ask? Because this is one of our favourite pages! We are excited to welcome all of you to our Games Unboxing moment!

Games Unboxing

We share the games unboxing moment!

Apart from being gamers, we are also collectors of Special and Collector’s Editions for RPG/JRPG and action adventures games. Lucky enough, we both share this interest of figurines so no matter what kind of games, the figurines and additional items in the box always put BIG smiles on both our faces.

In this section, we put each game separately in their corresponding console. We have PS3, PS4 and one PC-game, just because we like to fasten your time searching any collections to your liking, honest!  🙂 Besides, we realize that we need a bigger space for the collections. So here we are, thank you internet space hehehe.

In these unboxing posts we show you all that comes along with the games. For example, there are figurines, maps, lithographs, gadgets and in some cases even clothing. Without further delay, lets open up some Collector’s Editions!

More Games and Its Collection

Games Unboxing

We wish that we could share more collections to all of you. Hopefully, you can get some ideas or inspirations when you want to buy any collections in the market.

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