Uncharted Series

In the Uncharted Series you play the hero Nathan Drake. Setting off to solve a mystery every part. While playing the games you will see lots of picturesque scenery, which are truly a sight to behold. Collect treasures in hidden places as you go, solve puzzles, from which some are tricky but luckily help just a hand reach away for Nathan. Finally for the trophy collectors you can try your luck in getting your Platinum Trophies as they are not that hard to achieve. Just takes a lot of time.

For the picture lovers, there is good news for the players, in the latest part the developers included a “Photo Mode”. Perfect for making the ideal screenshot, even during cut-scenes.

Uncharted is the male version of Tomb Raider, but in my honest opinion better than the latter. Uncharted made its first introduction on the PS3 and has been going strong ever since. Years later Uncharted: The Golden Abyss, came to the PS Vita.

There was also an attempt to further explore the market, in the shape of a comic book series and also an animated series. However the comics are now a rare item and the first comic costs a small fortune. For those who can’t afford it, there is a good thing that the internet exists, because all of it is just a google search away.

The animated series contains 4 parts. Released on PSN in the year 2009. However you don’t have to look for it. Only the GOTY edition of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, has it included. Or the internet will be your savior once again.

Right before the release of Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog released: The Nathan Drake Collection, for the PS4. With this you can play the three main games on the PS4. Graphically improved, Photo Mode included and Multi-player excluded.

In may 2016 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was released, which is being played at the moment on crushing mode. And boy do I regret that choice ha ha, the game is harder than ever! But it will be conquered! HERE is our post of the unboxing.

Uncharted Series

We really can recommend the Uncharted Series, the story in each game is enthralling from begin till end. So for those who haven’t played the games yet, here is a deal we found.

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