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In 2007 Ubisoft released the first of this tremendous series, which would grow beyond anyone’s belief. First it would be based on Prince of Persia, focusing on the assassins, however the game was later turned to a whole different story of it’s own. Showing marvelous graphical details and a freedom to go almost anywhere possible, were unique for the game of this time.

The story is about Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad, in the year 1191, during the time of the 3rd crusades in the holy land, accessed through Desmond Miles genetic memory. Desmond a former Assassin, is captured by Abstergo, who are actually the nemesis of the Assassins, the Knights Templar.
The Templar’s want something from Desmond, locked in a memory, and so the journey sets off.

Oliver Bowden, Assassin's Creed book

I’m sure that by now, most of you readers have played this game, however there is one thing that I would like to recommend and that is to read the book, reading the book will give so many more answers, it’s basically a must have for the fans. This goes to all the main titles of the game series.



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