In this page, we would love to share our list of games that we have played. We both have two different genre/type of games that we like. Well, we are different but that does not stop this hobby. You might be wondering what would the other one of us does when the other is playing. Well it depends, sometimes we like to see other’s gameplay and sometimes the other plays on ps vita. You bet, it is a very peaceful moment at that time  😆

Games Adventures

Ruben likes to play the action-adventure games. Most of his collection has this type of games. For him, to take times and play with sneaking ability is great. Besides, he has so much interest in story line of the games which is even continues in books. Yes, he has read all of the Assassin’s Creed books (in his opinion the books really complete the games).

Games Adventures

On the other hand, Dilla’s choice of games is RPG/JRPG. She enjoys the quests that are given, multiple characters with different skills, journey from one place to another, and of course the songs.  She also likes the structure of stories in the games which are always contains elements of surprises.

We hope that you will like the information about our game play and do not hesitate to share your experiences too!


To be continued…  😎




































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