Free PS Plus Games for October

Hello Gamers! It’s the end of the month therefore PlayStation gave a list of the Free PS Plus Games for October. With this in mind we write this post to give you a little insight in the game collection. Without delay, lets get going, shall we?

Resident Evil 0 HD – PS4

Free PS Plus Games for October

Resident Evil is back, the classic game got polished and doused with a HD paintjob. Most likely with the intention to tease it’s audience for the upcoming game Resident Evil 7, which can also be download for free if you haven’t already.

Transformers: Devastation – PS4

Free PS Plus Games for October

The Transformers are also back, developer PlatinumGames merged action with the good old cartoon-look. On top of that, the original voice actors did the voices too. Definitely a plus for those looking for some nostalgia. Take control of  for example Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to crush the Decepticons.

From Dust – PS3

From Dust, is a “god-game” where you discover a primitive world, which is under constant threat of nature. Help them survive on a world which is constantly changing from your actions. Get lost in this beautiful but equally dangerous game, where mother nature won’t stop at nothing to get back what is hers.

Mad Riders – PS3

Mad Riders is all about adrenaline. Packed with stunts on 45 off-road tracks. This game is for speed-freaks, where you can race and perform stunts at locations all over the world.

Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ – PS Vita

Code Realize takes you to an abandoned house just outside of London. A mysterious woman lives here in seclusion, isolated from the outside world. All is about to change when soldiers try to kidnap her, it is then when she meets a thief who will rescue her. It is the beginning of quest in search for answers.

Actual Sunlight – PS Vita

Actual Sunlight is an Indie Game for PS Vita. However do not underestimate the story in this game. In this game you follow a young, overweight and youngster, suffering from depression. Stuck day in, day out with the same problem: Why get up every morning, when your life doesn’t go in any direction. Beware for this game will most likely leave its mark in your memory for a long time.

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