Free PS Plus Games for March

Hello Gamers! It’s the end of the month therefore PlayStation gave a list of the Free PS Plus Games for March. With this in mind we write this post to give you a little insight in the game collection. After a couple months with a lot of Indie-games, PlayStation finally has some bigger titles in the line up. Without delay, lets get going, shall we?

Free PS Plus Games for March

Tearaway Unfolded, PS4.

Probably the biggest title of them all, Tearaway Unfolded received quite a lot of good scores from both fans and reviewers. However in the overall score the original PS Vita version was better and gave a more personal experience. Therefore this PS4 remake resulted in a commercial let down. However those who haven’t played either of the games yet, will be happy non the less as they save the paper world from the malicious Scraps.

Disc Jam, PS4.

This game is most likely the game for the Multi Player-lovers. Disc Jam offers a stable gameplay packed with lots of action. Developed by the former developers of Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk, you can count on it that the game will keep you busy for hours upon hours. This game is played by max 4 players in 2 v 2, or by 2 players in P v P. Each game offers a blast from the past, where the good old coin-op classic got a complete overhaul.

Under Night: In-Birth, PS3.

Anime lovers pay attention, because this game might surprise you! This visual novel / 2D fighting game follows our hero Hyde. Recently turned into an “In-Birth”, Hyde has to fend off Voids. Voids are entities that feed on “Existance” and their favorite target are people who can perceive Voids. People who manage to control their sanity can become an “In-Birth”, henceforth comes Hyde. Can Hyde survive and find his way through the several organisations?

Earth Defense Force 2025, PS3.

Bug haters, spider killers and people that have a phobia, listen up. This game could be the perfect game for you. The task at hand: Exterminate all bugs and spiders in the cities! Sounds easy right? Well there is one catch, every creature is tremendous. In other words, things might proof more difficult. Lucky for everyone that it’s just a game and that all the missions can done right at home. One reminder though, don’t take your vendetta out on the little ones outside  😉

Lumo, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)

Nostalgia lovers of platform adventure games, get ready for some good old 80’s & 90’s action. Lots of connections, nods and winks to other games from the golden age of games. Puzzles, dungeon’s and logic challenges stand in your way to success.

Severed, PS Vita.

Last but not least is Severed, an action-adventure game from the creator of Guacamelee! and the Tales from Space-Series, DrinkBox Studios. Follow the story of a warrior lost in a fantasy world, trying to figure out the past and future. Embark on a journey which will transform our warrior from rookie to master.

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