6 Mind Blowing Benefits Of Science Behind Gaming

Hello Gamers! Before we begin, who knows that gaming could actually be good for you? That’s right! Not only is there science in developing a game, but also outside the game, science has shown that being a gamer ain’t a bad thing. Therefore, we write this post to share about 6 Mind Blowing Benefits Of Science Behind Gaming.

1) Focus: Focus is important in every game. As a matter of fact, in some games losing focus might result in mission failure or game over. Therefore the developers came up with an ingenious idea, namely: Music! Yep, a lot of games get music that triggers your brain to keep focus. Ever wonder where the time went after 4 or more hours of gaming? That’s partly because of the music. The other part is either the story of the game or the challenge in it. Examples of those kind of music are from: Assassin’s Creed, Ni No Kuni, Tales of Graces and many more.

2) Decisions’ Making: While playing games, you as the player have to make decisions. Some games require even quick decisions. Doing so, the game is training you, without you even noticing it. Hence, this training magically kicks in during your daily life. For example while driving your car, or while working at times where a key-decision needs to be taken. At those times science has shown that gamers are quicker and more accurate.

6 Mind Blowing Benefits Of Science Behind Gaming

Need some quick decisions and fast reflexes here … and some luck!

3) Vision: Remember when you were younger, watching TV? Or Gaming? And that your parents would say: Don’t sit close to the TV, it’s bad for your eyes! Well… science has busted that myth 😎 . Gaming 10 weeks can already improve the ability to distinguish more shades of grey. Another test has shown that people with a lazy eye, showed significant improvement in the affected eye.

4) Brain-Age: Playing brain-games, puzzle games and memory games, has shown a positive effect especially among older players. Playing 10 hours of “problem-solving” in a week led to more cognitive functioning. The effect lasted for multiple years in slowing the aging of the brain. Now, this is how to stay young, isn’t it?  😉

6 Mind Blowing Benefits Of Science Behind Gaming

A great puzzle game with a wonderful story 😉

5) Language: Many gamers have said this already. Not only does gaming help in training their English language skill, science also helps those with dyslexia. Because of the requirement to focus, people with dyslexia are forced to read and keep paying attention to the situation at hand.

6) Eye-Hand Coordination: Gaming has been proven that it significantly increased the Eye-Hand Coordination. In one study it has shown that gamers who are surgeons in their daily life, are more 32% less likely to make an error. Gotta say more than 30% more accurate compared to non-gamers, is quite an accomplishment.

6 Mind Blowing Reasons Of Science Behind Gaming

We hope that the myth of gaming could be reduced by sharing these brilliant benefits. Honestly, we feel so excited when we write this post. So, if there any parents who are reading this post, we hope that you all would allow your children to play game. Who knows you could make this activity as a way to spend more time with the family. Remember to share your experience or thoughts in the comment below!

Till then, happy gaming!  😀

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