5 Quick Ways To Solve Arguments On The Road

Wow! Guess what, it has been almost 3 years that we have traveled together! 😀 Of course we have so many plans to keep traveling in the future. However, from our own experiences, we had to face with arguments on the journey. After all, we are different and have our own needs. The question is what do we do with arguments? In order to answer that question, we decide to share with all of you, our 5 Quick Ways To Solve Arguments On The Road.

The First Quick Way

1) Take Time to Relax:

5 Quick Ways To Solve Arguments On The Road

Just relax 😉

The heat appears on the face, breathing becomes short and shorter then suddenly you just cannot take it anymore. Quick! Sit down and relax. Yes, we mean it for you to immediately shift your position. Slowly remind yourself that the trip is for both of you and it could be fun as you have planned.

Solve Arguments

2) Use One Mouth and Two Ears, Separately:

Oh yes, we still remember clearly the moment we had an argument in the middle of searching the Montjuïc Cable Car Station in Barcelona. What did we do? As you might have guessed, we indeed use one mouth and two ears but separately. This means, please take turn to speak and listen nicely.

*Read more of our amazing journey in Barcelona here which includes full itinerary, public transport and recommendation for restaurant.

3) Compromise:

Everyone has their own perspectives. However, when it comes to traveling together compromising is really an important thing. Try to discuss the thing calmly and from heart to heart. It is totally okay to have an argument but never lose respect with each other. For example, if you both have two restaurants in mind to eat in, why not divide one for lunch and one for dinner?  😉

4) Distract your-two-self with the view/surrounding:

Change your view to distract your mind by looking at buildings, nature or anything around you. Look away for few minutes and admire it honestly. Usually this step would bring us peace and excitement back in our heart and then we can react rationally.

5) Show The Love:

5 Quick Ways To Solve Arguments On The Road

As the last resort, we’re really recommend you to show the love. Hugs, kisses and holding hands are some ways to show it. Be simple but yet do it from your heart. Believe us, it works like a magic.

Arguments are annoying, really is. Make it shorter 😎 because we certainly do not want to waste our traveling time with sour face and unsatisfied feelings. Plan your journey ahead to avoid this kind of thing and remember to have a lot of joy.

See you next time and for the mean time let’s spread Respect, Love and Peace together!  🙂

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