3 Great News You Probably Didn’t Know About Airasia Latest Announcement

Hello travelers! Recently in January 2017, AirAsia’s Group CEO has made a great announcement. For us, we count the announcement as three news because it involves three routes! AirAsia and three routes, you might be wondering what are we talking writing about. Read on 3 Great News You Probably Didn’t Know About Airasia Latest Announcement!

Drum rolls…AirasiaX gets approval Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to fly to United States! Because of this news, a lot of doors open up for AirAsia X and we must say, for us the travelers too! In other to add more adrenaline rush, AirAsiaX can fly to any city in the US. How exciting  😀 .

Since there is the possibility to plan new routes, the airline can compete with the big companies. Providing cheaper flights and comfortable seats (which some airlines can take up notes) it is soon time to compete. Trust us when we say not to overlook this company because we have flown with AirAsia before. We are also sure many of you have the same experiences, especially when it comes to amazing deals!

Obviously the company is ecstatic as it’s already had a very successful past year. Additionally, last year came the announcement that the route to London might be open in 2017 or 2018. Important to realize is that, the London route closed due to high maintenance cost. However things went better after 2012 where their focus was expanding to Australia and Middle East. Now that they have their new fleet of the fuel efficient Airbus A330-900neo, new routes become available.

For more information, you can read it here.

More Great News!

The second great news is that AirAsia X will return to London. They will fly directly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2). The route will re-open this summer and we just cannot wait to see their offers. Moreover, we do hope with this news, other airlines will also offer low price. Not that we are greedy but hey, traveling is also a lifestyle nowadays  😉 .

AirAsia Latest Announcement

Another fantastic news, especially for European and Asian travelers is that, one additional route which will connect Europe and Asia. AirAsia group CEO Tony Fernandes mentioned that route Bangkok (BKK) to Frankfurt (FRA) will be introduced for long haul flight. They estimate the price would be €200 but due to low oil price they could set the price for €150!

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