11 Important Tips to Survive A Long Haul Flight

Being travelers ourselves from two different continents, you cannot avoid a long haul flight. So far we took direct flights with one stop or famously known a transit. Sitting for more than 10 hours in a metal bird up in the sky definitely need some extra preparations. Learned them the hard ways at the beginning, here are our 11 important tips to survive a long haul flight so that you could have a comfortable journey!  🙂

11 Important Tips to Survive A Long Haul Flight

1) Dress comfortably

So far, we traveled with the economy class tickets so you do not have to dress like a top model. Wear a lose shirt and comfortable pants like pyjamas, sweat pants or any kinds like that. You also have to consider the temperature, so bring an extra blanket or scarf.

2) Stay hydrated

Buy bottles of water AFTER you go through the customs check. That is because you are NOT allowed to bring water. Thus to save money, and in this case to save water as well, buy it only after the check. We also always use this brilliant idea where you can bring an empty bottle and fill it up with water tap. Make sure the water tap is drinkable.

3) Pack snacks

Bring a bit of snacks in your hand luggage/bag because it will take some time until the serving turn up. This method will help a lot in case you miss your meal in a crowded airport or at a busy check in counter.

More Important Tips…

4) Choose a better seat

Choose your seat wisely, we are serious about this one. You have to think about your legs’ space, how easy to go to toilet, and to sleep of course. One suggestion, you can choose window seat so that you will have something extra to lean on if you travel alone. Not to forget, the seat should allow you to do a bit of exercise, such as stretching your legs.

We both are different, Dilla prefers move around the aisle and on the other hand Ruben is tall so he could use a large legs room. In this case, seat map of 2-4-2 is always our choice because we do not want to disturb other passengers.

5) Power bank

We had experience where you can charge your gadgets with an usb cable from the front seat, where your screen is there. However, in case the airline does not has it so better bring a power bank to recharge your gadgets.

6) Choose a good established airline

A good airline will have a wonderful service, food, entertainment and comfort. We believe that you might want to put a high concern about these matters.

  • Service : If you are a first timer, you might need some help. So by having good flight crew, they will ease your mind.
  • Food : There are a lot of food cuisine in the world, so do airlines. You surely want something which suits your appetite. So do a bit of research before you purchase tickets.
  • Entertainment : People always think that it’s easy to sleep in a long haul flight, but for others, it isn’t. So choose an airline with good entertainment on board such as movies, dramas, games and also for kids entertainment.
  • Comfort : We measure this one with how much the legs room, seat condition, flight kit and airlines’ seat maps. Ask Mr.Google by typing the types of aircraft. We love the 2-4-2 seating 😀 .

⇒ Our choice: Turkish Airlines. This airlines wins 2016 Skytrax Passengers Choice Awards and we believe they won for some years back too.

7) Own Toiletries

Bring wet tissues or baby wipers for example to clean the seat arms, the tray and also to use in the toilet. These places look clean with our naked tired eyes but do you know that these places contains a lot of bacteria?

8) Want to be served first?

Choose ‘special meal’ preference when you book your ticket. We tried this and we got the serving first hahaha. There, you save your time and can get back to your activity.

9) Noise canceling gadget 

This is really important to get a nice sleep. Apart from being kept awake with children cries, a noise canceling headphone or earplugs will help you reduce the noise from aircraft’s engines too.

10) Exercise

It’s not good to sit still for the entire flight, so do a bit of exercise by moving your fingers, legs or whichever parts that need to be stretched. Besides, you can also walk through the aisle for more exercise, just like Dilla.

Survive and enjoy!

11) Sleep

Listen to your eyes, whenever you feel the sleepiness kick in, take the chance. Make sure your seat belt is visible in case the sign of ‘seat belt’ is turned on during your sleep. If the flight crew cannot see it, they will wake you up and you surely do not want any disturbance of your sleep.

Take into consideration about jet lag as well. Long haul flight normally will have different time zone. So get enough rest and most importantly, relax and enjoy your flight!

We hope that these 11 important tips to survive a long haul flight will help you survive especially for the first timer flier. If you have any other tips, remember to share it with us in the comment below! We love to hear from you.

So fellow travelers, we wish you a safe flight!

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